Monday, August 2, 2010


Det er ikke verdens bedste billeder, jeg har kun min bette Iphone; men det er utroligt hvad man kan finde i en grøftekant. Især elsker jeg den utroligt blå cikorie.

Roadside flowers

It is not the best images, I have only a humble little Iphone, but it is unbeleavable what one can find on the roadside. I really love the blue chicory.


pam said...

First - your little iPhone does an amazing job!

I am thrilled to know the name of the blue chicory! It blooms here also, but until I moved up here to the PNW, I had never seen it. White chicory yes, but never the blue. and no one I asked seemed to know what it was.

Now that I have the name, I can go to a nursery specializing in Northwest Naturals and hopefully purchase a few plants for my garden!

And my precious little "hare bells" (campanula)- what a treat! They are absolutely one of my favorite flowers - wild as these are or domesticated. I just lost my little pot of wild ones to the harsh winter this year. So this picture is doubly appreciated.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share these lovely wild treasures.

☆sapphire said...

Love the blue chicory! Your blue flowers are magically beautiful and elegant as well! What's the name of the purple flowers? They are pretty too!

Margit Ammentorp said...

thank you to both Pam and Sapphire for your comments.
The purple flowers are Scabiosas.

pam said...

Hi Margit! I had to return to this post to tell you that a few weeks ago, my sweetie spied a huge clump of blue chicory blooming by the highway. He stopped and dug up several, transplanted them into our brand new flower bed. They continued to bloom and thrive and we are hoping to see new shoots pop up next spring!

You gave us inspiration!