Monday, January 16, 2012

En julegave fra min svigerdatter

Jeg er løbet tør for ideer og kreativitet, på grund af nogle forandringer på min arbejdsplads. Så jeg synes lige jeg vil vise de søde julehjerter min svigerdatter har lavet til mig. Er de ikke søde?
De er strikket meget længere end de færdige, toppen af hjerterne er mere trekantede, derefter er de vasket i meget varmt vand, så de filter sammen.

A christmas present from my daughter in law

There are some big changes where I work, it takes a lot of my thoughts, so I am out of ideas. Therefore I show the Christmas hearts my daughter in law made for me, they are so cute.
They are knitted much longer than thy are now, and the top of the hearts much pointier. Then they were washed and rubbed in very hot water to make them shrink and felt together.


dr. lola said...

Your felted hearts are wonderful! Would your daughter-in-law be willing to share the pattern?

papermatrix said...

Det var dog den allerkæreste idé. Hvor er de nuttede.

pam said...

Oh me too me too - I would love to have the pattern. These are simply beautiful. How lucky you are to have a daughter in law that will spoil you so beautifully!

DPLblog said...

Knitted knick-knacks are not really my thing, but there is definitely something endearing about these hearts. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny Eckert said...

We think the hearts are so cute. Is your daughter in law willing to share the pattern? My mother is Swedish and hoping to knit these for ornaments this year for her grandchildren for christmas. Hoping your work has calmed down and you have a calm and wonderful New Year!