Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flere bautasten

På Sydbornholm er der et ret ukendt sted med mange bautasten, det hedder Gryet. Man kommer til stedet af en lille markvej, det er et mærkeligt sted: Jeg får altid en underlig trang til at banke høfligt på og spørge om jeg må komme ind.
Det nederste billede er fra et andet sted med bautasten på sydbornholm, de tre sten på stribe ser underligt insisterende ud.

Some more menhirs

On the southen Bornholm there is a rather unknown gathering of menhirs, the name is Gryet. You have to follow a little narrow road to find it. It is a strange place, I always feel like knock politely and ask if I am allowed to come in, I fell like an intruder.
The picture of the three menhirs standing aside is from another place, they looks rather insisting standing there shoulder to shoulder.


Aputsiaq said...

Utroligt med de sten!

pam said...

Thank you for sharing your visit to the Menhirs at Gryet. I have bookmarked so I can return again.

There are so many, it seems, on your island. Bornholm must have ben considered a special place in those long ago days. How I wish there were more known about the peoples who erected and worshiped them.

☆sapphire said...

Really interesting!
I saw the menhirs in your country for the first time. They must be very very old! How fascinating! I like to learn about the prehistoric age. Thank you for sharing!