Friday, November 26, 2010

Hus med juletræ

Det kræver både tålmodighed og fingerfærdighed, faktisk er det temmelig besværligt. Det er også lidt for stort til at hænge på et juletræ; men jeg tror ikke det kan lade sig gøre at lave det mindre. Jeg har ikke sne på taget, men det er der på skabelonen.

A little house with a Christmas tree

It is rather difficult to make, and you need a loot of patience. It is too big for a small Christmas tree, but I think that it is impossible to makke it if it is smaller.
I forgot the snow on the roof, but remembered on the template.

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pam said...

Oh Margit! I have only been away from blog reading 10 days and just look at all you have been up to! I can't believe all the fantastic ornaments you are coming up with! Amazing! And Santa and his sleigh AND all the reindeer! I love that this little house has a tree actually inside the house, not just drawn on the surface pretending to be inside.

I love the Christmas night basket and the Christmas window. Oh my goodness. These are ALL just fantastic!

You must be feeling incredibly inspired these days. Thank you for all the time and work in order to share these with us.