Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tre forskellige æsker med julerosemønster, den røde er større og må udprintes på to ark.

Three boxes with Christmas roses

The red one is bigger, it has to be prined on two sheets of paper.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Margit, for the new beautiful boxes!!! I expect you are missing your son this week, as I miss my daughter when I return from visiting her. Take care!!!

☆sapphire said...


Your Christmas rose-designed boxes are really lovely! I love especialy red ones! Are Christmas roses popular in your country? I'm afraid we don't have many of them here.
I saw your photos which you'd taken when visiting your son's place. The silhouettes of the trees are so lovely! Your leaves had already fallen, hadn't they? Ours are now falling incessantly!

Margit Ammentorp said...

To anonymous
Thank you so much for the comment.

Margit Ammentorp said...

To Sapphire
Thank you for your comment. It make me very happy to get a positive comment from a person from Japan. I am a great admirer of Japanese textiles, they are so extremely beautifull, But what I make could never be compared to, but it is a great inspiration.
Yes We have something about Christmas roses in Denmark. It is strange and very beautifull flowers blooming in the winter.
It is nearly winter here now, stormy and cold.