Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nissen på loftet

Det er ikke een af mine bedste tegninger, men jeg har gjort mit bedste.
Der er en tom skabelon nederst til dem som hellere vil dekorere selv.

The "nisse" in the attic

It is not the best drawing, but I did my best.
The "nisser" is a kind of gnomes believed to belong to the houses, they had the size of a child, and they felt responsible for the animals on the farm. They were good helpers, but they could be rather revengeful if they were angry.
It was a tradition to serve porridge boiled on milk with a big lump of butter in the attic or in the stables, they were angry if somebody cheated them and left out the butter or forgot.
This has lived on as a Christmas tradition.
There is an empty template for the basket for decorating yourself.

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pam said...

LOVE this! Have it bookmarked and need to add it to the list of baskets on the advent tree.

You know my weaknesses!