Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hjerte med frøer

Det er nok det mest irriterende hjerte af dem alle at flette. Det kan desværre kun anbefales til meget fingernemme og tålmodige personer.

Heart with frogs

This is the most irritating heart of them all. It can only be recommended to very skilled and patient persons.


Anonymous said...

It might only be for skilled and patient people, but is wonderful.
Love the shape of the diamond box too!
Judy B

Ginger said...

Way to cute love em frogs.

Anonymous said...

could you show where to make the cuts?
I love this frog, but cannot figure it out!
thank you

Margit Ammentorp said...

To "anonymous":
It is not easy to Explain. You cut along (on both sides of) the greene lines on the blue part, and you cut along the lines that is a little different green on the green part.
Before cutting, you fold the two parts in the middle.
When you weave it together, be sure, to put the blue bacground over the green.
If this explanation isnt enough, you can send a mail, the adress is under my profile, and I will try to make som drawings for instruction.