Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ibs Kirke

Ibs Kirke er så vidt jeg ved bygget mellem 1150 og 1200. Tårnet er meget markant og med meget tykke mure, man kan se tårnet meget langt væk. Det har altid for mig set ud som om nogle af de bornholmske kirker nærmest er vokset op af jorden, måske er det fordi, de ligger uden bebyggelse omkring.
Det ene billede af kirkerummet viser den del der ligger under tårnet. 

Ibs Kirke (saint Jacobs Church)

Ibs Church is build between 1150 and 1200. The tower is very big, and it has never been used as belltower, as the round churches, the theory is, that it has been used as storeroom, that could bee deffended.
The church can bee seen far away, as it has no town around it, it is one of the strange things about churches on Bornholm, the mostly have no town around them, it is like Bornholm had no villages in the middle age.
One of the pictures of the churchroom, shows the part under the tower, and the model ship hanging from the ceiling is a danish tradition in churches.  


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Østerlars Rundkirke

Jeg har ude for at tage nogle billeder af Bornholmske kirker. Da de vel er kendte for danskere, skriver jeg ikke så meget, men her er et link:

The round church Østerlars (eastern Laurentius)

I have taken some photos of churches on Bornholm, this is Østerlars. 
We have four round churches on Bornholm, they are very special for the island, but there are a few round churches in the other parts of Denmark, and some in Sweden. There is one thing that is special about the round churches on Bornholm, they have only one column in the middle of the church, the other round churches have four columns.
The Bornholmish round churches has very thick walls, and they are build like a kind of fortifications. The Baltic sea was rather unpeasefulle in the early middle age, and maybe they had this shape to deffend the possetions of the churches. The taxes paid to the church were often paid in grain, and the upper floor of the churches is as big as the churchroom.
Østerlars church is build ca. 1150. Here is a link to a site about it, with some good photos of the interior and the buildings construction: